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HireVSims is a collection of my favorite Online Flight Simulators, and Flight Simulator resources such as manufacturers and parts. Online Flight Simulation is a passion and is the future of the industry. Although this site is a work in progress, I hope to be able to continue to add valuable resources as time goes on. If you have any questions about the different types of simulators or which Simulation software you should use, feel free to Contact Us!

About the Author: Brice Danell
Brice Danell was formerly a jet charter manager for GiveJet, LLC for their Private Jet Charter in Miami. Now he is a flight simulator technician trained by X-Plane on how to build custom flight simulator hardware. He branched off into a repair shop that operated nationally on 10-100 thousand dollar simulators. He has a passion for the online flight simulators because of how much they can do at no cost to the user! Please check out some of the ones he recommends!

If you have a Flight simulator that you developed or have used please let us know! We will feature it on our front page!