Free Sim of the Month- FlightGear


The beauty of Flight

One of the greatest passions is the ability to fly. Since early in the 20th century, the ability to fly has captured the hearts and minds of many men and women. For many people, the ability to fly isn't within a feasible cost. The cheapest of aircraft cost 20'000 dollars. Then the cost for the hangar on the cheapest strip is 150$ monthly plus a thousand dollar annual inspection. The price for owning an aircraft is just amazingly out of range.

The Beauty of Technology

The invention of modern day computing has led to the ability to enjoy flight from the comfort of ones own home. While there is no experience like being out in the air, the newest flight simulators can come awfully close. Many Flight sims use realistic physics, lifelike models, and correct to area geography. This is an awesome way to be introduced to the field of flight but the price tag can be a little hefty ranging from 250-450 for quality software. This can be reduced farther by the use of monthly subscription flight sims.

The beauty of the internet

Online Flight Simulators have led to the ability to access awesome flight simulation software with low monthly fees. However there are multiple levels of sims

These simulators require purchase of a joystick or throttle and a set of foot pedals. Off Ebay it is easy to find flight simulation hardware for cheap

These simulators will allow use of a keyboard, but this makes it significantly less realistic. This is a good way to first give it a go and see if you like the tool.

This is the type that will hopefully be released for public use soon and probably by the use of the Occulus Rift technology. At many of today's flight schools this is used in conjuntion with specail multi thousand dollar simulators.

Another Emergent Technology is HRV. High Rev Simulators (HRS) is a highly versatile manufacturer and integrator that provides the experience and know-how required to produce military hardware for real and simulated mission rehearsals, military simulations and training, needs of other simulator manufacturers and software developers. HRS designs and manufactures HOTAS sticks, throttles, cyclic, collectives, yokes and rudder pedals for both desktop and big box simulator training and simulated or real mission rehearsals. We manufacture the transducer strain gauge switches that perform exactly the same as the real controls. The transducer strain gauge switch can be supplied in a multitude of different configurations.